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April 29, 2012
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(Contains: sexual themes)
The windows slammed open. You bolted upright in bed as rain cascaded heavily outside, making the air chill. You jumped out of bed and ran towards the window, reaching to close it. You froze as your fingers wrapped around the clasp.
Out on the sea was that dreaded boat. The haunting symbol of your village's sworn enemy.
A British Pirate Ship; owned by the notorious Captain Kirkland.
You threw on your coat and a pair of pants, pulling on your boots as you stumbled in the storm outside. You scurried along the path to one house and pounded your fist on the door.
An albino man swung the door open and glared at you.
"It is ze middle of ze night, _______, vat ze hell do you vant?" Gilbert hissed, rubbing his eyes. You pointed out to the sea, the water rolling violently. His eyes wandered to where you were pointing.
"They're here. Captain Kirkland has found us." His eyes widened.
"Verdamnit! Get in here," he pulled you inside and pointed to a wardrobe.
"Our weapons are in there, newly sharpened and shined." He gave a curt laugh before running into his room. You turned and ripped open the doors, searching franticly. You removed the two scabbards.
Gilbert came back out dressed in his own Pirate attire.
"Attacking my home, that bastard is using foul play. How dare he! Gilbert snatched up his sword and turned to you.
"Ready, _______?" You smirked.
"Let's take that damn limey down!" You said.
Gilbert ran out and started pounding on the doors of his crew, shouting that Captain Kirkland was invading. You looked back to the ship and saw the light of lanterns and torches approaching the hill towards your town.
Panic was finally starting to grip your heart with its icy fingers.
You had been friends with Gilbert for years. You worked on his ship and went out on the sea constantly. The town kept you safe when the warmer months were over and it was too cold to sail. The colder months were spent helping the town get through the harsh and bitter winters. One person always made too hard to sail the seas, though.
Captain Arthur Kirkland, the most feared man on the seven seas. He relentlessly attacked your ship; the man found you and Gilbert as some sort of threat.
You had just settled back in. Yo9u were home. Why was he here? Was he finally going to kill you and your German friend?
"_______! Go through the woods and see their position. Don't go too close." The lightning illuminated the Pirate's worried features. You bit your lip and nodded to him.
You ran through the thick trees, trying your hardest to be quiet, but with the winter coming fast, every footstep was like a cannon fire. The woods lined the path to the village, so you would be able to stalk to fleet of pirates.
The torch light was getting closer to you. Hushed voices were carried out like echoes.
"Where did he go?"
"I don't know, but he said to keep going."
"Let's burn this place."
"And that infuriating Captain."
There were cheers throughout the night, deafening in the silence. You turned and ran back as fast as possible. They were going to kill Gilbert!
You saw the opening ahead of you, your albino friend waiting. His face lit up seeing that you had not been spotted.
"___—" Gilbert started before you felt something cold and sharp press to your neck. In a matter of seconds your hands were being held behind your back in a painful position. The captor was breathing down your neck. You could feel him smirking coyly.
"Let go of her, you damn limey!" Gilbert spat, pulling out his blade.
"Ah, ah, ah. Don't go anything that you think you'll regret." The steel pressed closer to your skin, biting it.
Captain Kirkland gave a chuckle that sounded like tinkling glass.
"Let. Her. Go." Gilbert said, his voice a low and deadly growl. Captain Kirkland's breath was hot on your ear, sending shivers down your spine.
"Now, now, Gilbert. You don't want to say anything that might set me off. I can kill her if I want. Do as I say and she might live to see tomorrow." You watched your friend's expression. He was nervous, thinking things out.
"What do you want?" his voice cracked, betraying him and showing his desperation.
"I was going to take your life, watch you be tormented in front of the people whom respected you." His voice was coy, laced with deception.
"Then do it you bastard!" Gilbert spat.
Arthur's eyes travelled up and down your body, making you feel all kinds of uncomfortable.
"Hm, no. If I take her with me, it would be more amusing." Your heart quickened its pace.
"I'd rather die than be in the presence of a damn limey!" He laughed harshly in your ear, making you cringe.
"Don't you dare! I'm giving you one last chance to let her go."
Gilbert looked as if he could take on the devil and win. It made you consider being afraid of him.
The scabbard at your throat dropped and you were about to tear away when you heard gun fire. Gilbert screamed and dropped to the ground, clutching his mangled shoulder.
You stared, wide eyed, at your friend.
Before your world could go dark, rope bound your  hands and Captain Kirkland grabbed you by the hair, dragging you along.
"Gilbert! Gil, get up! You have to, don't die on me now! Please, please!" Arthur pulled your through the woods, tree branches whipping your face.
Voices grew louder, then passed as his crew filed up the hill with a murderous intent.
He yanked you forward, causing you to stumble. The Captain pulled you back up roughly and took you to the docks.
Arthur drug you up the plank onto his ship and threw you into his cabin below the deck. You turned enough to take in your surroundings.
It was moderately sized and there were riches, maps and weapons. One thing caught your eye.
The map behind his desk had certain pinpointed areas – one being your village. The others seemed to be the places your ship had sailed to or attacked within the last four months. You stared in utter surprise.
He was following you.
There was a click behind you and footsteps coming closer. The rope binding your hands hit the wood.
"Get up." He ordered. You sat there, ignoring his request, sure he would be angry. Captain Kirkland pulled you up by the arm and threw you towards his bed. You collapsed onto the cot.
"What is your name?" he asked, nearing you. You stayed quiet, glaring at him for a moment before your gaze fell to the floor.
"_______." You muttered. The Briton grasped your chin and pulled your face to his.
"Very pretty. It suits you." He followed your wandering gaze to the map and grinned. "I have been hunting him down for quite some time, your friend. See, he has stolen something form me. A heart." You raised an eyebrow.
"I fell in love with a woman in a town I had visited. I stayed longer than was needed to watch her. I wanted her so badly, but never could talk to her. Then one day he took her away to the sea. I couldn't give her up. So, for years I have wanted my revenge, and until now I never knew where my love had ended up. But now, I don't need to kill him to get to her. She became part of his crew."
The Captain pushed you down and kissed you roughly.
"I've found you," He slipped his hands into yours, putting them above your head. The man's lips travelled down your jawline to your neck.
You bit back a moan as he sucked on your neck. The man continued to search until you moaned loudly. Arthur sucked and nipped on the sweet spot, earning an abundance of noises.
Captain Kirkland's nimble fingers traced the curves of your body before gently undoing the buttons on your shirt. Now that your hands free they were entangled in his messy blonde locks.
The Briton looked at your now exposed chest and licked his lips. He lightly ran his fingers up your sides, making you shiver.
"So beautiful…"
The man hooked a finger into your pants and pulled them down, flinging them to god knows where.
"Say my name." he muttered huskily.
"Arthur." You whispered. What you were doing was wrong. He hurt your best friend, yet it seemed like it was the right thing to do.
"Louder." He breathed, playing with your breasts. The man took one in his mouth and ran his tongue over the sensitive skin.
"A-Arthur!" you yelped. Said man slipped off your panties and rid himself of his clothes. It was quite obvious he wanted you now.
Arthur positioned himself at your entrance and met your gaze. You nodded, against what your conscious was screaming at you. Only your body was in control. He entered you and tried not to scream at the pain.
He kissed you deeply until you had become used to him. He began to move slowly, rocking his hips steadily. You moaned loudly and watched his with lust filled eyes.
It soon became achingly too slow. "F-faster," you groaned. The pirate obeyed and quickened. The continuous waves of pleasure sent you over the edge as your screamed his name for the world to hear. You soon came and Arthur was close behind, his warm seed filling you.
He pulled out and collapsed onto you.
"I…I love you." He said breathlessly.
You nuzzled your face into his chest and sighed. You wouldn't return those feelings. You were realizing what you had done and it was like a steam engine hitting you head on. You would regret this. But somehow, you didn't want to. Maybe you could learn to love him…maybe.
Dayum! This took for fuking ever! 8 pages in my notebook, four on word, even after I took out an enTIRE PARAGRAPH.
It is a request for :iconsrcpcsoha:. It turned into a lemon somehow but I am putting only a warning on it because a lot of minors like to read this stuff and I don't judge. It doesn't have to be blocked so, yeah.
Too much words!

England is not mine and sadly neither are you.
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